Americans Trust Trump More Than Media: Poll

The establishment will be quite surprised

According to an Emerson College Poll, Americans see the Trump Administration as more worthy of trust than the media.

The poll results show that 49% of Americans see the Trump Administration as truthful, while 48% see the administration as untruthful.

That’s a pretty even split.

But the numbers for the media are much worse:

53% see the media as untrustworthy, while 39% see the media as trustworthy.

That’s a net 15% trust gap between the Trump Administration and the media – in Trump’s favour.

Take a look at the poll results as shared on Twitter:

The mainstream media needs to take some time to consider the implications of this. Things are changing. It’s not just about Trump. The fact is the establishment elitist media is under massive stress as citizen journalists and empowered citizens share our own viewpoints and our own stories.

People are beginning to trust more in themselves and their own power, rather than needing elitist media gatekeepers to tell us what to think.

So, while Trump certainly says many things that are untrue, the media has also been caught making things up numerous times. And the public has not taken the side of the media in their efforts to regain credibility.

Rethinking media in a new era

As the elitist media keeps losing credibility, we need to rethink what the media really is. More attention and influence needs to go towards individuals and grassroots organizations sharing the real news, rather than the skewed and manufactured perspective all too often put out by the establishment.

The establishment also needs to realize that respect and trust is earned. They often assume that they should be trusted just because their organization has a historic name or a long history, but the past says nothing about whether a news organization is honest and accurate now, or will be in the future.

We need to remember that distrust and skepticism of the media is a good thing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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