If Bombardier Wants Taxpayer Money, They Should Design & Build Military Jets For Canada

Taxpayers deserve a much better deal from Bombardier

Bombardier – a ‘private sector’ company that is constantly relying on taxpayer money, has come asking for more cash.

And since Justin Trudeau sees a political benefit to paying up, Bombardier is getting bailed out once again.

The federal government is giving Bombardier $372.5 million dollars in taxpayers money, less than the $1 billion Bombardier was asking for, but still a massive amount.

And in return for this ‘investment,’ all Canada gets is Bombardier simply continuing operations as normal.

Of course, the millions of Canadians struggling economically don’t get any bailout at all. In fact, they’re going to be hit with a carbon tax – making things even worse.

Then there’s the irony of Justin Trudeau attacking the oil sands, and then giving money to a company that produces planes – big emitters of carbon.

Hypocrisy aside, the government is failing to use their leverage over Bombardier. As a Canada-based company with extensive R&D and productive capacities, Bombardier could be doing much more to serve the country. Especially in this moment, Bombardier is exceedingly vulnerable – it needs taxpayer money to survive.

So why not use this opportunity to get a good deal from Bombardier for all the money we’re spending?

Instead of just giving Bombardier money, the government should put some conditions on it:

  • Bombardier must design an advanced, Made-In-Canada fighter jet – and other military aircraft – within 4 years.
  • Bombardier must ensure that design (for the fighter jet) is at least equivalent to fifth-generation fighters in the US and Russia.
  • Bombardier must provide a plan for producing hundreds of those planes for the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Bombardier must build the planes at a bare-bones break-even price (Canada must get the best possible deal).

These are ambitious goals of course, but that’s the point. Bombardier would be pushed to be more innovative and efficient under this intense pressure. Canada’s military R&D would dramatically improve. We would develop a Made-In-Canada military aircraft industry, creating a massive amount of jobs and boosting national pride. We would become more economically self-sufficient. And our military would get a great deal on advanced military jets – boosting our national defence and safety at a very affordable price.

This may be an outside the box idea, but Canada needs to start thinking big and thinking creatively. Bombardier only survives because of taxpayers money. If that continues, it’s time for taxpayers to start getting way more from the deal.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Peter Korky

I have been calling for us to build our own fighter jets, ships as well as all other military equipment that is required and boy do we ever need equipment. I have also posted and written to politicians on the subject, I have also mention to build ports and military bases in the north if we want of continue to have a country, but everyone is deaf.

Scot Kellam

The problem is that we have a Crab Bucket mentality in Canada; other business sectors would see it as ‘unfair’ if say, Bombardier got a big fat multibillion dollar contract and they didn’t? So we’re all happy instead when all of our Defense contracts go to another country and our own industries get zero.

Scot Kellam

There has already been a call from high-profile military people (Maj.-Gen. Lewis Mackenzie)in Canada to build the Arrow Mark 5, a direct descendant of the original aircraft scrapped by the Diefenbaker Government. It would be a win-win for both Canada and it’s flagging aerospace industry, so of course it will never happen…


Canada has cut it’s defence budget after Iraq war . So bombardier will have to export the jets as Canada will be able to buy few jets with a decreasing defence budget