Free Falling: Canada’s Economy To Fall Out Of Top 20 Spot By 2050 – Report

Being surpassed could have dire consequences

Power and influence in our world comes down to money. Countries that have more of it prosper, are respected, and can secure themselves. Those that don’t have it succeed or fail based on the whims of other nations. They lose control of their own destiny.

Unfortunately, Canada’s economy is heading in the wrong direction.

According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, our economy will fall from 17th today to 22nd by 2050.

This means we will be surpassed even by countries such as Pakistan and Egypt.

Canada has already fallen far – after all – we were once the 7th largest economy on Earth.

Canada faces declining influence

If Canada remains mired in low economic growth, we will swiftly decline in world influence. Combined with massive over-regulation that stifles our economy and resource development, a controlling elitist-dominated government, and our underfunded national defence, Canada faces a future of being at great risk.

Think about it:

If we are surpassed by more and more countries, we will end up as a small country (population wise), with a bunch of resources, no world influence, and a small military.

How safe do you think we would be?

We are already at more risk than we think now, and the trend doesn’t look good.

If we want to avoid that future, we will need to grow our economy, population, and military.

Lower taxes can take care of the first two – as relieving the tax burden of families and businesses can make it more affordable for families to have children, and will help grow the economy.

And increasing spending on the military will require a change in commitment, requiring our government to finally take it seriously – rather than treating the military as an afterthought.

Canada can still become a world power in the future. Prosperity, influence, and security are possible for us. But that won’t happen if we remain on the same passive path we are on now.

Canada needs to toughen up, think big, and embrace the potential of the future. And we have to do it fast, because we are running out of time.

Spencer Fernando