Neil Gorsuch – Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Pick – “Disheartened & Demoralized” By His Comments

A rift between Neil Gorsuch and Donald Trump, or part of a clever plan?

Donald Trump has been heavily criticizing the judiciary – through statements that include calling the judge who first blocked the travel ban a “so-called judge” – that are either an attempt to sway the upcoming 9th circuit appeals court in his favour on the travel ban, or set himself up for increased credibility if there is a terrorist attack, or just to vent his emotions.

Whatever the reason for Trump’s comments, they didn’t sit well with Neil Gorsuch, his appointment to the Supreme Court.

First reported by Bloomberg, Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut said that Gorsuch did not like Trump’s comments. “He certainly expressed to me that he is disheartened by demoralizing, abhorrent comments made by President Trump about the judiciary.”

Gorsuch’s communications team confirmed that Gorsuch made the comments – including using the words “demoralizing” and “disheartened,” and the Trump White House has not denied it.

Senator Blumenthal tried to push Gorsuch even further – to denounce Trump publicly. That won’t happen.

A planned move by Gorsuch and the Trump Administration?

One interesting thought is that Gorsuch’s move may have been planned. In order to help secure the necessary votes to become a Supreme Court Justice, Gorsuch needs to allay fears among Democrats that he will just be a rubberstamp for Trump.

Making a statement critical of Trump’s comments could help Gorsuch win more support. That has led some to wonder whether Gorsuch and the Trump Administration planned the comments, as part of a strategy to ensure Gorsuch’s nomination.

What looks like dissent and disagreement may turn out to be a clever move.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter