Arrogant Fool Trudeau “Lectures” Voter On His Electoral Reform Lie

Condescending elitist talks down to citizens he’s supposed to serve, implies Kellie Leitch should be silenced

Arrogant fool: No better term encapsulates Justin Trudeau’s recent behaviour – particularly a newly released clip of him condescendingly talking down to a voter.

It has to be arrogance, because he’s actually saying that giving a voice to more Canadians would be a bad thing, as if he gets to define what views are “legitimate.”

And he’s a fool, because he would have to be a fool to so openly admit that he was basically planning to break your promise the whole time.

Remember, electoral reform was supposed to be a discussion – and should have included a referendum – and Canadians were supposed to decide what system we got.

But Trudeau doesn’t believe in listening.

Trudeau even admitted that he thinks Kellie Leitch’s perspective does not deserve to be heard at all. Consider this quote from Trudeau’s arrogant lecture:

“Do you think that Kellie Leitch should have her own party?” Trudeau said to a voter. “Because if you have a party that represents the fringe voices … or the periphery of our perspectives and they hold 10, 15, 20 seats in the House, they end up holding the balance of power.”

**You can watch the of Trudeau’s arrogance video here**

This is the attitude of a dictator. He doesn’t think people should be allowed to have different perspectives – aside from the narrow range he personally views acceptable.

It’s not about whether you agree with Leitch or not. That’s not the point. The point is that Kellie Leitch is a Canadian, with as much a right to share her views, win supporters, and organize politically as anyone else. Justin Trudeau is supposed to serve Canadians, not tell us what we are allowed to think.

As I’ve said before, Justin Trudeau sees Canada as his personal plaything. He doesn’t care about the country, he doesn’t care about the people. Canada is just something to advance his own interests at our expense.

In the video, Trudeau says he prefers the ranked ballot system. But who the hell cares what he prefers?

He never promised Canadians that he would change our electoral system to a ranked ballot system, he promised electoral reform.

Obviously, Trudeau wanted to control the outcome and change the system to his preferred option. When he realized Canadians might not agree with his preference, he took his ball and went home.


Canadians deserves better.

Spencer Fernando