Disrespect: Government Screws Over Canadian Troops Serving In Middle East

The Canadian government has cancelled a tax break given to Canadian troops serving as part of the fight against ISIS, taking up to $1800 out of their pockets every month.

Until recently, Canadian troops based in Kuwait were receiving a tax break worth around $9,000 over a 6 month term. The tax break was based on the danger faced by the troops, and the difficulty of being away from family for such an extended period.

However, as of June 1st, 2017, the government is cancelling the tax break entirely.

The story, first reported by CTV News, shows the disrespect our government has for those in uniform. All other countries fighting ISIS give their troops that tax exemption.

Trudeau Government Defence Minister promised to fix the problem, but has done nothing

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan promised in early December 2016 to restore the tax break. But it has not happened.

As one soldier told CTV, the cancellation of the tax break makes Canadian troops feel like “we got kicked in the stomach.”


It’s bad enough that the military is chronically underfunded, but it shows a total contempt for our troops in a dangerous part of the world when the government actively works to take money out of their pockets.

The government must reverse this change, and they must do so now.

Contact your MP and demand immediate action to restore the tax breaks to our troops.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter