Fake Feminist Trudeau Uses Women As “Political Cover” Says Former NDP MP

Justin Trudeau’s words and actions don’t match up

Laurin Liu – NDP MP for Rivière-des-Mille-Îles between 2011 and 2015 – has accused Justin Trudeau of using women as “political cover.”

Liu made the charge in a Globe & Mail op-ed.

Liu referred to Trudeau’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations made by two female NDP MP’s against two male Liberal MP’s. The NDP members had brought the issue to the attention of the Liberals – and told them that they didn’t want it publicized.

Rather than respect their wishes, Liu notes that Trudeau went and held a public press conference about the issue –  “much to the shock and surprise of the women involved.”

Writes Liu, “The calculus was ruthless but clever: the Liberals couldn’t risk taking a political hit if information about the incidents ever leaked to the media. By holding a press conference catapulting the incidents into the national limelight, media scrutiny became fixated on the alleged victims themselves.”

One of the NDP members even said she regretted telling Trudeau about it.

Trudeau throws Karina Gould under the bus

Liu also referred to Trudeau using Karina Gould to tell the public that there would be no electoral reform, instead of having the guts to do it himself.

“In doing so, Ms. Gould took the fall for a massively unpopular decision, conveyed to her through a mandate letter from the Prime Minister’s Office. This, only weeks after she was named to her new role, inheriting a file that was already in the final stages of crisis,” Liu wrote.

There’s no denying that Trudeau threw Gould under the bus, all because he was afraid of taking the heat himself.

Justin Trudeau is a Fake Feminist

Trudeau Fake Feminist Saudi Arabia

Trudeau has called himself a “feminist” many times. However, he always does so in safe and comfortable environments – at the UN and with celebrities – but when he is in a tougher situation, such as dealing with Saudi Arabia – his “feminism” is nowhere to be seen.

Saudi Arabia is the worst example of Trudeau’s fake feminism. Saudi Arabia treats women horribly – possibly worse than anywhere else on Earth.

Yet, Trudeau has invited Saudi representatives to Canada and rolled out the red carpet for them – including the disgusting display of flying the Saudi flag on Parliament Hill.

He also finalized the sale of billions of dollars worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia – instead of blocking it.

I’m sure it’s just an odd coincidence, but Trudeau never seems to mention anything about feminism when he’s dealing with Saudi Arabia.

Trudeau’s actions show that his professed feminism is fake, nothing but a political ploy to win votes. It’s just the latest example that Justin Trudeau is a deceptive and dishonest leader, skilled only at creating a public persona to distract from what goes on behind the scenes.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter