Liberals Considering Raising User Fees On Canadians

As always, the government never thinks they take enough from us

The Trudeau government is considering an increase in user-fees as a way to get more revenue.

Apparently, the government thinks it’s been too tough to raise the fees, due to a 2004 law that forced departments to justify fee increases to parliament.

“Modernizing” User Fees

The government is calling their plan “modernizing” user fees, but all it means is that Canadians will pay more for government services.

But isn’t that what taxes are for?

Taxes are user fees for government services, so why do we need even more fees?

Oh right, I forgot about that $30 billion hole Trudeau chose to dig for all of us.

That’s why the government thinks they need more fees.

But it’s the last thing Canadians need.

We are already paying more taxes, we are facing a huge carbon tax, and wages and income are stagnant across much of the country.

So-called “modernizing” of user fees is nothing more than taking more money out of our pockets. The government clearly has an insatiable appetite for our money, and they’re looking at every sneaky way to take more of it.

Instead of fixing the problems with their own spending and reducing the government bureaucracy, we just get the same old ideas over and over again.

Take, take, take.

The government’s inability to grow the economy, and their continued focus on more taxes, will have long-term consequences for Canada.

We face stagnation, a shrinking middle-class, and a government enlarged to massive proportions.

That’s not the future Canada deserves.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter