Ninth Circuit Court Upholds Block Of Trump Immigration Executive Order

The Supreme Court is next

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Trump Administration, upholding a restraining order on Trump’s immigration ban executive order.

While many Democrats cheered the decision, Republicans have been fairly quiet. The matter will almost certainly go to the Supreme Court next, where a final decision could be made.

However, the fact that the Supreme Court is currently missing 1 judge and is thus split 4-4, means the ruling could end in a tie.

If that happened, the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision would remain in force, and Trump’s executive order would be blocked.

It should be noted that the Trump Administration has another option. They can withdraw the executive order and pass a revised version, or withdraw it and break it up into many different orders.

However, Trump seems unlikely to take that course, as he has said the administration will fight on to the Supreme Court.

Read – Trump’s tweet on the court ruling:


You can view the full court ruling below

Courtesy – ZeroHedge

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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