Twitter Revenue Down Despite Expected “Trump Effect”

It doesn’t look like Donald Trump is Making Twitter Great Again

Twitter continues to struggle.

Years of relatively flat user numbers and trouble profiting from the platform was expected to give way to improvement, as US President Donald Trump utilizes Twitter as his main communication tool.

With Trump driving the media discussion based on his tweets, thus causing Twitter to mentioned over and over again, Twitter’s revenue was expected to improve.

That hasn’t happened.

Instead, Twitter’s revenue in their key market of the United States actually fell 7%.

Twitter currently has 67 million users in the US, representing zero growth in the coveted American market.

Twitter Monetization issues

Twitter is also struggling to monetize their platform, as ad engagements have been flat.

And when it comes to advertising overall, individuals, small business, and big corporations have preferred to focus ad dollars on Facebook.

Google and Facebook are dominating the online advertising market, and Twitter has struggled to carve out their own niche.

Twitter’s overall advertising revenue is $638 million, which represents a small drop from the previous year. Twitter’s US revenue dropped a full 5% and now stands at $440 million.

In a statement, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said “While revenue growth continues to lag audience growth, we are applying the same focused approach that drove audience growth to our revenue product portfolio, focusing on our strengths and the real-time nature of our service. This will take time, but we’re moving fast to show results.”

Twitter’s stock was down 10% in early trading.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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