NDP MP Says Trudeau Comment “Bordered On Racist”

Mr. holier-than-thou progressive Justin Trudeau has stuck his foot in his mouth again.

Trudeau is being attacked for stupidly saying that indigenous youth “want a place to store their canoes and paddles.”

That’s a pretty dumb comment, and if Trudeau actually thinks that’s an issue it shows he really has no understanding of anything about Canada, despite his carefully crafted image.

NDP Romeo Saganash ripped Trudeau for the comments in a hilarious open letter.

In the letter, Saganash calls for a “National Canoe and Paddle program”, and says, “I myself have often lamented the lack of space on Parliament Hill to store my canoe and paddle.”

Saganash also said Trudeau’s comments “bordered on racist.”

It’s no surprise that Trudeau is losing support all over the place.

He’s shown himself to be an elitist serving globalism, rather than serving Canadians. As a result, he is totally out of touch with Canada and can’t relate to the lives of those who he is supposed to represent.

Trudeau is more comfortable at his cash-for-access fundraisers with foreign billionaires than with regular people.

He’s a total fraud, and more and more Canadians are seeing that fact every day.

Spencer Fernando

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