Vince Li Absolute Discharge Is A Total Failure Of Pathetic Justice System

Vince Li beheaded an innocent man, carved out his organs, and then ate some of him.

It’s a crime so horrendous it would even be extreme for a horror movie.

And yet, because of some so-called “Not Criminally Responsible” bullshit, Vince Li is now a totally free man.

He has no supervision.

He has no conditions.

He has no criminal record.

What a horrible disgrace.

Our justice system is a pathetic joke.

It rewards criminals and punishes victims.

It shows misplaced compassion for those who have committed horrendous crimes, while ignoring those who have been victimized by horrible acts.

Where is the compassion for Tim McLean’s family? Where is the compassion for his Mother, Carol De Delley?

Where is the compassion for the RCMP officer who killed himself after being tormented by Vince Li’s horrible crimes?

Vince Li committed his horrendous crime because he went off his meds.

Now, he is unsupervised and can go off his meds anytime.

No words are strong enough to say how horrible this decision was.

Vince Li should not be free to be out in the public without conditions.

He should be behind bars.

Our justice system needs massive changes, and the fools who approved letting Vince Li get an absolute discharge need to find another job.


Spencer Fernando