Canadians Protest Trudeau’s Electoral Reform Lie

Growing backlash against Justin’s lies

The evidence of Justin Trudeau’s severe fall in popularity is adding up.

The most recent example of his disconnect with the Canadian people is the protests that took place across Canada, denouncing his electoral reform deception.

As reported by the Canadian Press, one protester summed up the feelings of many people by saying “I understand that there’s a lot of turmoil right now, but that didn’t justify shutting the system down and shutting the options down.”

In many ways, the outrage over the electoral reform issue isn’t even about what people think about the policy.

It’s about how Trudeau handled it.

He presented himself in one way to get elected, and then stabbed all those who believed him in the back.

He ran as someone who would listen, and then said shutting down electoral reform discussions was “his choice to make.”

These are the kinds of lies people remember, and they can end political careers.

Trudeau & Selinger

There are some interesting similarities between Justin Trudeau and former Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger. In 2011, Greg Selinger explicitly said he would not raise the PST (sales tax).

He won – in large part based on that promise.

Then, after he had power, he raised the PST – in direct defiance of his election promise.

He paid the price big time, as his party was crushed in the next election.

Voters punished him for acting like a king, for thinking he was above the need to listen.

Justin Trudeau faces the same problem. He has demonstrated himself to be dishonest and out of touch, and once that opinion sets in it can be impossible to recover from.

As more and more Canadians wake up, we can expect to see opposition to Trudeau’s harmful and deceptive agenda keep increasing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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There has to be a way to get him out of Parliment. Even 1 more year will totally destroy us.


Excellent article. I am tired of having the argument with people as to whether Electoral Reform is a good or bad thing. This is not the issue. The issue is, JT stated he would implement E.R. He said it with such passion and conviction no-one could have believed it would not be done. People voted for him based on Electoral Reform. I am also sick and tired of people with the attitude of he’s a politician, of course he will lie, they are all the same. I honestly thought Trudeau was going to be a breath of fresh air. An… Read more »

Maria Elizabeth

Well MEAGHERJANE, I told everyone who would listen that the son JT was worse than the father PT, that he had absolutely no idea what was going on in Canada leave alone the world. Now my friends keep saying “darn it, you were right”. I much rather would prefer to have been wrong.