Will Trump Fire Michael Flynn?

It is being reported that Donald Trump is considering firing National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who is under pressure for having possibly misled Vice-President Mike Pence on whether he spoke to Russia about sanctions.

Steve Bannon is said to have encouraged keeping Flynn for now, but being “ready” to fire him.

Stephen Miller – a Trump advisor and speechwriter – did not publicly offer a defence of Flynn while on various networks, saying “It’s not for me to tell you what’s in the president’s mind,” when asked if Trump had confidence in Flynn.

Flynn is in trouble because he spoke with Russia numerous times during the Presidential transition period, and may have proposed weakening US sanctions on Russia.

When initially asked whether he mentioned easing Russia sanctions, Flynn said he had not. He even apparently told VP Pence that he did not discuss sanctions.

Pence subsequently went on TV networks to stand up for Flynn – putting his own credibility on the line by repeating that Flynn did not discuss sanctions.

However, Flynn now admits that he “can’t recall” whether he discussed sanctions on any of those phone calls – quite different from what he originally told members of the administration.

Pence is said to be quite unhappy that Flynn may have lied to him and hung him out to dry.

Losing the confidence of the Vice-President right out of the gate is not a great start for Flynn, already seen as a controversial figure.

Democrats are calling for Flynn’s immediate removal, and some members of the admin reportedly want Flynn to resign on his own.

Ultimately, the decision will come down to Trump, who will have to weigh his trust in Flynn with the potential PR consequences of removing him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter