Big Government = More Corruption

Incentives make the world go ’round

Our financial and political systems are driven by incentives, pursuing gain while avoiding loss.

And yet, it’s amazing how many advocates of big government completely ignore this process.

As the problems of the world add up, big government boosters (elitists), propose even bigger government as the solution.

For every problem, they offer big government as the solution.

More taxes, more spending, more more more, all taken from you and your fellow taxpaying citizens.

And yet, despite all the tax increases, and despite the endless spending, problems just seem to be getting worse.

Why is that?


A bigger government = more corruption, and more corruption means money is being spent without actually helping those it’s supposed to help.

Of course, when I talk about corruption, I’m not just talking about breaking the law. Many things are corrupt and also legal.

For example, politicians force you to pay taxes, and then use some of that tax money to pay their own salaries. The committee that decides those payments is controlled by politicians. That seems corrupt to me – at least on a moral level – but it’s perfectly legal.

Another example, the government just announced they were cutting funding for our troops serving in hazardous situations, while simultaneously giving a massive bailout of nearly $400 million to Bombardier. Our government gives billions of dollars to other countries every year, yet our veterans, seniors, workers, homeless, and many people living on reserves have been totally abandoned. The government takes our money and somehow finds a use for it outside our country, while our own people are left behind.

That feels pretty corrupt to me, and yet it’s all technically legal.

And this is where incentives and big government comes in.

A big government is a powerful government. It’s a government full of bureaucratic jobs to fill, full of taxpayers money to blow all over the places, and full of influence to offer.

That creates a huge incentive for people to try and direct the power of the government in their own direction, to profit financially and gain influence – all on the taxpayer’s dime.

So long as government is so massive, we will have the kind of quiet, subtle corruption that flows beneath the surface, slowly but surely extracting the wealth of Canadians and putting it in the hands of a smaller and smaller elite. This institutional corruption eats away at our nation bit by bit, until one day, it will seem there is nothing left.

That is what happens when the government has too much power. It incentivizes all those who want to use the government for their own little pet-project. Those pet projects add up, and soon the state is being pulled in every direction. It becomes co-opted, and ceases to act in the interests of those it’s supposed to serve.

We are watching that happen in Canada, as spending goes up and government keeps getting bigger, while our problems show no sign of being fixed.

The money is going somewhere, but it’s not ending up where it needs to be.

The only way to turn this around, the only way to end institutional corruption in the government – is to make the government smaller. A smaller government – a government that spends less and taxes less – creates a much smaller incentive for those seeking to twist it to their own ends.

A smaller government keeps the focus where it should be – on the people of our country.

Less government = less corruption and more freedom. That should be our governing principle as Canadians as we seek to prosper in the years and decades to come.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter