China Trip By Trudeau Cost Taxpayers Most In Decade

Justin Trudeau’s trip to China in 2016 cost taxpayers $1.8 million, making it the most expensive trip by a Prime Minister in the past decade.

This makes Trudeau’s trip slightly more expensive than the trip by PM Harper to China in 2014, which cost $1.7 million.

Cash-for-access is a bigger concern

A bigger issue than the cost of Trudeau’s China trip is the cost of his cash-for-access fundraisers, some of which have featured billionaires from China lobbying the PM behind the scenes.

Trudeau has shown a willingness to put the interests of China ahead of Canada, particularly on trade and letting China get access to Canadian high-tech company ITF Technologies – potentially giving China access to military and security secrets.

Trudeau seems to have an obsession with China, an obsession that blinds him to the undemocratic nature of China’s government.

Trudeau Admires China's Basic Dictatorship

Trudeau is stuck in the globalist ideology that actively works against the interests of Canadian workers in favour of international banks, foreign countries, and the elite.

That is a far bigger worry than one trip, because the more our country gets sold out to China and other foreign countries and institutions, the higher long-term price we will pay.

And due to China’s size, if our government continues to be naive and foolish in dealing with them, Canadians could be put at economic, and even personal risk.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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