Kevin O’Leary #1 In Conservative Leadership Race

According to a Mainstreet Research Poll, Kevin O’Leary leads the race to head the Conservative Party of Canada.

O’Leary is in the top spot, followed by Maxime Bernier and Kellie Leitch.

The poll was conducted for iPolitics, and included 5,487 members of the Conservative Party.

Here are the results of the Conservative Leadership Poll

  • O’Leary – 24.75%
  • Bernier – 16.55%
  • Leitch – 10.83%

When it comes to who has the best chance of beating Justin Trudeau, O’Leary has an even bigger lead:

  • O’Leary – 36.18%
  • Bernier – 20.32%
  • Leitch – 10.68%

According to the head of Mainstreet Research, O’Leary and Bernier’s support are mirror-images of each other.

Bernier’s support is concentrated in Quebec, while O’Leary’s is weak in Quebec.

If that trend holds, it makes it extremely unlikely that there would be a first-ballot winner.

The poll is also very bad news for Kellie Leitch. While she had initially garnered intense media attention and boosted her name recognition, the entry of O’Leary into the race has grabbed most of the headlines, and relegated her to third place.

While polls can change, if these results remains stable for a few weeks, there will start to be a growing narrative of a two-way race between O’Leary and Leitch – to the detriment of everyone else seeking the leadership.

Poll charts can be read here

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter