Second Investigation Opened Into Trudeau’s Aga Khan Trip

Justin Trudeau promised a “new politics.” And many Canadians gave him the benefit of the doubt.

How did Trudeau repay that trust?

Total betrayal.

In just over a year, Justin Trudeau has shifted from “new politics,” to the heights of dishonesty, deception, and dissapointment.

Now, it looks like being elected on a pile of lies is catching up to him.

The Federal Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson has opened up a second investigation into Trudeau’s trip to the billionaire Aga Khan’s private island.

The Aga Khan regularly lobbies the Canadian government, and his foundation is set to receive $50 million in taxpayers money – despite the fact that the Aga Khan is a billionaire.

Trudeau accepted a private helicopter flight to the Aga Khan’s island – along with some members of the government.

Unfortunately for Trudeau, that violates the ethics rules of our country.

Canada’s Conflict of Interest Act, and ethics rules brought in by Trudeau’s government itself, bans government members from sponsored travel in a private airplane or helicopter. Exceptions can be made if the Ethics Commissioner is notified and gives approval – which did not happen in Trudeau’s case.

As a result, the Ethics Commissioner has opened up a second investigation into Trudeau’s possible ethics violations.

A pattern of arrogant elitism

Trudeau has shown a pattern of acting as if he is above the Canadian people he is supposed to serve. Disturbingly, Trudeau has met with billionaires from China behind the scenes at expensive cash-for-access fundraisers, granting access to foreign interests that most Canadians can’t get.

Trudeau has opened up the sale of a sensitive Canadian IT company (that has done business with CSIS and the Department of National Defence). This puts Canadian secrets and security at risk, and comes after Trudeau had numerous shady cash-for-access events.


Trudeau has also met with Wall Street banks in the US, seeking to put together a scheme where Canada would borrow money from the banks to pay for infrastructure. That’s a big mistake, since it would put Canada in debt to the same banks that almost crashed the global economy. This would reduce our economic independence and national strength. But it would benefit Trudeau’s well-connected buddies in power.

This where we can see that the Aga Khan trip is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s just one part of a disturbing pattern of elitism and arrogance by Trudeau, a pattern that threatens to put our government under the power of those who don’t have Canada’s best interests at heart.

Canadians have to keep speaking out and keep the pressure on so we can have the accountability that we deserve as citizens.

We must never forget. The government must work for us, not the other way around.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter