Arrogant Trudeau Liberals Refuse To Apologize For Broken Electoral Reform Promise

No accountability from an arrogant government

The Trudeau government voted down a motion calling on them to apologize for their broken electoral reform promise.

The motion was brought forth by the NDP, and also accused the government of misleading Canadians.

The Conservatives, Greens, and BQ all voted with the NDP on the motion.

While the motion is a symbolic gesture, the fact that the government voted against it shows the total joke politics in Canada has become.

If they had even a shred of decency, at the very least, you would think the government would support a motion that only described what’s true.

After all, it’s an objective fact that they lied to Canadians about electoral reform.

In fact, had they voted for the motion, they could have gained some credibility as being able to acknowledge their mistakes in a meaningful way. Instead, they chose to play the same cynical game.

It shouldn’t be a surprise at this point. We’re long past the time when people expected anything different from this government.

Until they are held accountable – defeated in an election – we can expect that the arrogance will only get worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Justin is in way over his head being PM, he’d be overwhelmed being mayor of Ottawa. Hasn’t a clue how to run a country. He seems to think we are a hobby of his and he can do as he pleases because he is the only one that matters. Idiot rhetoric from an entitled lil rich kid. Severe disappointment for every Canadian!!!


Who and or how can we start a non confidence vote?