Danger Ahead: Bad Policies Put Canada’s Economy At Risk

In the wake of a cordial meeting between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump, many in the establishment media are breathing a sigh of relief, seemingly thinking Canada’s economy is out of the woods.

That’s a dangerously misguided position.

Canada’s economy faces serious danger, and the key source of that danger is our own government.

Writing in the Financial Post, Rob Merrifield – former Alberta Senior Representative to the United States – details how Justin Trudeau’s policies will weaken our economy as the United States cuts business taxes and reduces regulations.

Says Merrifield, “Astonishingly, the Canadian government is not preparing for these changes; instead, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pursuing policies that are essentially tying our economy’s shoelaces together before the race has even started.”

Merrifield describes how Canada worked for nearly a decade to become a haven for investment. Reducing regulations and reducing the tax burden did lead to a large increase in business investment in our country.

The risk now is that our advantage over the United States will be lost as our policies diverge.

The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress will be cutting their corporate tax from 35% to either 25% or 20%.

They will also be slashing numerous regulations, which will save money for businesses and create a more investment-friendly climate.

At the same time, the Trudeau government is adding regulations, and bringing in a new carbon tax.

Says Merrifield, “The Liberal carbon tax has largely gone over like a lead balloon, with those in the know speculating that investment in Canada is set to plummet.”

Merrifield points out that businesses will certainly look at the US as a more investment friendly environment when compared to Canada. And yet, Trudeau is doubling down on the very policies that will make our economy weaker.

Why would Trudeau be doing this?

As I’ve said many times before, Trudeau’s actions make sense when you realize he isn’t really trying to serve the Canadian people. The elitist agenda isn’t about creating good jobs or opportunities for Canadian workers. It’s about enriching a very small group of people at the expense of everyone else.

Forcing through a carbon tax will make politicians more powerful. It also benefits the biggest corporations, because they can afford to absorb the costs while smaller competitors can’t. Increasing regulation takes money from businesses – especially small businesses, and creates jobs in the bureaucracy. This also makes politicians more powerful and puts more money in government hands.

This is what Trudeau’s agenda is all about. That’s why he and his government refuses to adapt to the changing circumstances in the United States. They don’t care if Canadians suffer, as long as they get richer and more powerful.

Unfortunately, we Canadians will pay the price for the elitist agenda of our government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter