NDP Wants Investigation Into Liberal Donations

The Trudeau Liberals ethical problems keep adding up. Now, the NDP is seeking to have the Chief Federal Electoral Officer investigate Liberal donations that exceeded legal limits.

As reported in the Globe and Mail, NDP MP Nathan Cullen wants a probe into 30 donations from 2016 that went over the maximum amount allowed by law.

Of those 30 donations, 27 of them were higher than $1,800. This significantly reduces the chances that they were just a careless mistake.

Liberals deny any problem

The Trudeau Liberals say the donations are no issue, and that they resulted from individuals purchasing multiple tickets for the same event. The Liberals say they are combining contributions and event costs, and that is why it shows up as a donation over the limit.

However, Elections Canada says that is not how things should be, stating that contributions reported by political parties “should not include the fair market value of the benefit received from a ticketed fundraiser.”

Trudeau losing the trust of Canadians

At this point, it’s not certain where any investigation will lead, or whether there will even be an investigation. However, because of their past actions, Canadians are not inclined to give Trudeau and his government the benefit of the doubt.

Trudeau has shown a propensity to lie constantly to Canadians, give privileged access to foreign billionaires, and act against the best interest of our country.

At this point, nobody would be surprised if Trudeau and the Liberals were engaging in more deceptive behaviour.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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