Trudeau Jets Off To Europe For Speech About Deal That Already Passed

Singing from the Globalist song book

Justin Trudeau has jetted off on another foreign trip, this time visiting the European Union.

Trudeau is in Europe to give a speech to the EU Parliament about the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

However, the trade deal between Canada and the EU has been approved by the EU.

Then why is flying off to Europe?

Why go and talk about a deal that has already been done?

Well, we know that Trudeau loves heading off on foreign trips. After all, that’s where he gets his marching orders from his fellow elites. When they’re not busy decimating the middle classes of their countries, they are weakening our national defence and letting other countries gain an advantage over the nations of the west.

Trudeau loves multi-national bureaucracies like the EU, as he believes in concentrating power, destroying any sense of nationalism, and empowering multinational corporations and global banks, at the expense of everyone else.

That’s what the EU has become all about, so it’s no wonder Trudeau wants to waste more taxpayer money by jetting off for another trip.

Remember, Trudeau has said Canada is a “Post-National State.” He sees the EU bureaucrats as kindred spirits in the effort to eliminate national pride and national independence.

Trudeau’s trip is certainly a waste of money, but you can bet he’ll be doing a lot of talking behind the scenes. Unfortunately for Canadians, that talk won’t be about making our lives better. Just the opposite.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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