Under Trudeau, Majority Of Canadians Now Distrust Government

Edelman Trust Barometer shows collapsing faith in government, media, and the system

A survey by Edelman – a Public Relations firm – shows that under Justin Trudeau, Canadians trust in government has fallen significantly.

Edelman’s surveys detail three levels of trust in institutions. There are “Trusters,” “Neutrals,” and “Distrusters.” According to Edelman, Canada was historically in the neutral category.

Not anymore.

Canada is now in the “distrusters” category.

Of the 4 institutions measured – NGOs, Business, Media, and Government, trust in the media and government declined the worst.

Trust in the media fell from 55% in 2016 to 45% in 2017. Trust in government fell from 53% to 43%.

It seems the more Canadians see of Justin Trudeau and the soft coverage he gets in the establishment media, the less we like both.

Canadians trust in government officials declines

While a majority distrust the government, an even bigger majority distrust government officials and government regulators.

From 2016 to 2017, Canadians trust in government officials dropped from 34% to 26%.

As Edelman notes, the “Mass Population rejects established authority,” and the establishment is left “empty-handed.”

Government blamed most for Canada’s problems

The survey also shows Canadians overwhelmingly blame the government for Canada’s problems. 63% of Canadians put the blame squarely on the government.

Trust in media has cratered as well, with the biggest drops occurring for traditional media and the media as an institution.

Notably, by a 60% to 40% margin, Canadians are more likely to believe search engines than human editors.

Canadians trust outsiders over insiders

The Edelman survey shows that Canadians are far more likely to trust people outside the system rather than those inside it.

70% trust individuals more than institutions, and 64% trust reformers over preservers of the status quo.

Canadians are worried about losing jobs

According to the survey 55% of Canadians worry about losing their jobs due to a foreign competitor, 49% to immigrants who work for less, 48% to lack of training/skills, 45% to automation, and 44% to jobs moving to cheaper markets.

48% are worried that globalization is taking us in the wrong direction.

Canadians believe the system is failing

Trust is also collapsing for the basic system underlying the government. The survey notes that a full 55% of Canadians “believe the system is not working,” while 30% are uncertain.

That is a huge warning sign for those in power. Fully 85% of Canadians either believe we are stuck in a failing system or aren’t sure whether to trust it. It’s a sign the government is losing its power to pull the wool over our eyes.

Canadians are also turning on the elites. 80% of Canadians agree that “The elites who run our institutions are out of touch with regular people,” and 61% agree that “I do not have confidence that our current leaders will be able to successfully address our country’s challenges.”

Canadians are also concerned and fearful about a wider range of issues: A majority of Canadians are either fearful or concerned about Corruption, Globalization, Eroding Social Values, Immigration, and the Pace of Innovation.

Canadians are turning on the Trudeau government and the establishment media

As I’ve said before, Justin Trudeau and his government are devoted to pushing an elitist, globalist agenda. That agenda isn’t about what’s best for Canadians, it’s about what’s best for those in power.

The establishment media has the same incentives as Trudeau and the government. They want to keep the same broken system intact, so they can profit at our expense.

And yet, despite all the government propaganda and media lies, the Edelman Trust Barometer shows Canadians can see exactly what’s happening.

Canadians are waking up to the deception of our government and institutions, and that opens the door for substantial change. However, that change won’t happen unless Canadians put pressure on the leaders of all parties.

The Canadian people must be put back in charge of our country, and the elitist agenda must come to an end.

View the Edelman survey here

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter