WASTE: Government Selling Coast Guard Ship At $8.75 Million Loss

Ever wonder how the government manages to spend so much yet deliver so little? Well, here’s a perfect example.

The Trudeau government is trying to sell a Coast Guard Ship – The CCGS Tracy – for $250,000.

What’s the problem with that?

The problem is that the government spent $9 million repairing that same ship just 8 years ago.

In fact, calling it an $8.75 million loss is being kind, considering I’m not even including the original cost of the ship.

As reported by the Hill Times, the original cost of the repair contract was $6.8 million. Of course, it went way over budget.

Waste and incompetence

This is an absurd situation, and it shows how much contempt the government has for our hard-earned money. The repair contract was supposed to keep the ship going for a decade, but it lasted only 4 years in service once the repairs were completed.

So, the government overpaid for the repairs, then pulled the ship from service 6 years early, and then is selling it at a near total loss. Pathetic.

This is why people resent paying taxes. We pay and pay and pay, and in return we get garbage like this ship sale.

The government has to earn the right to tax Canadians, it shouldn’t just be taken for granted. As long as they keep showing such contempt for us by wasting so much of our money, expect more Canadians to turn against the government and turn against those who run it so badly.

You can view the government bid here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter