The Conservatives Must Guard Against Elitism In Their Own Ranks

Justin Trudeau’s support among Canadians is plummeting, in large part because of his arrogant elitist attitude.

Trudeau is clearly more focused on serving the agenda of the powerful and feeding the narrative of the establishment media, rather than serving the Canadian people.

This has created a massive opportunity for the opposition parties – particularly the Conservatives. There are a massive amount of Canadians waiting to see a party that will actually turn their back on the harmful globalist agenda and finally put the interests of Canadian workers and Canadian families first.

The Conservatives could be that party. However, if they are to seize that opportunity, they need to cure themselves of the Ottawa-elitist attitude.

With that in mind, there was recently a disturbing sign that elitism infects all parties – including the Conservatives.

When Liberal cabinet Minister Amarjeet Sohi spoke about his past career as a working-class bus driver in Edmonton, some (though clearly not all) Conservative MPs could be heard laughing at him.

Sohi was speaking about a Winnipeg bus driver who had been stabbed to death, and discussed how he had learned to connect with people through interacting with them as a bus driver.

Laughing at Sohi for that story was a big mistake.

Not only is it dumb politically, but it also makes those who laughed look out-of-touch.

It’s not about whether people agree with Sohi or the Liberals. It’s about the message laughing at him sends.

It will only confirm in the minds of many people the idea that everyone who goes to Ottawa ends up corrupted by the political prestige and sense of power. It’s why so many people have lost faith in politics, and don’t see anyone who represents them.

Of course, Trudeau has been far worse. He is the biggest elitist around, and his actions are hurting Canadians.

But the Conservatives must actually live up to their anti-government rhetoric. We know the government has become corrupt, way too big, and totally out of control. Just because they’re sitting in Parliament is no excuse for MPs to get comfortable with a broken system. They need to fight it from the inside, not become a part of it.

If the Conservatives can shake off elitism and actually fight for Canadian workers and families, they have a great chance at beating Justin Trudeau. Our country has been sold out, and our people are being betrayed. But the Conservatives can only seize the opportunity created by the Liberals failure if they show that they are the party of hard-working Canadians.

That means lower taxes, fixing corrupt and broken trade deals, getting rid of the carbon tax, respecting taxpayer dollars, and keeping our country safe. The Conservatives must be the party that breaks the unaccountable power of Ottawa and returns it back to the Canadian people.

A big part of that is showing respect for Canadian workers.

That’s why the Conservatives must guard against elitism, fighting against it in other parties, and stomping it out within their own party. That is the only way they can seize the opportunity created by Justin Trudeau’s incompetence, deception, and failure.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Wikimedia Commons