Instead Of Passing The Divisive Motion M-103, How About Condemning Saudi Arabia?

If you’re looking to condemn oppression and extremism, look no further than the Saudi regime

Motion M-103 – which could feed into further attempts to stifle legitimate criticism of Islam, has become an incredibly divisive issue.

My view on this is simple: The laws already protect all Canadians from institutional discrimination. We also have free speech in this country, and that means everything is open for criticism. We need to protect, and strengthen free speech in Canada. In many parts of the world, steps are being taken to criminalize criticism of Islam, and “Islamophobia” is the excuse used to suppress that criticism. We can’t let that happen here.

That’s why people are worried about the motion, and that’s why I think M-103 should not pass.

Ironically, some will accuse those who oppose M-1o3 of being “Islamophobic,” which is just a way of trying to suppress debate. I am certain that both myself, and all those who oppose M-1o3 are against any prejudice or violent attacks on any citizens of our country – regardless of religion or background. Defending free speech is not a hateful act, it is an act of supporting freedom.

With all that in mind, let’s consider the total hypocrisy of the government’s political feel-good gesture on M103. It’s all about words, but never about actions with this government.

Real action would mean confronting those who systematically oppose the values we as Canadians hold dear.

Think about it this way: The Saudi regime commits horrible crimes against their own people. They horribly oppress women. They ban Christianity. They execute LGBT people. They suppress all freedom of speech.

So why is there no motion condemning Saudi Arabia?

Why isn’t that the focus of our self-styled “feminist” Prime Minister?

If you want to look for violence and oppression of religious minorities, look no further than Saudi Arabia. Canada is a free, open, and generous country. We don’t need more motions and lectures from out-of-touch politicians on how to behave.

Instead, we should look at countries like Saudi Arabia and question why our government remains pathetically silent on their horrible actions.

It’s well-known that Saudi Arabia funds Wahabbist schools, which spreads an extremely violent interpretation of Islam around the world – including here in Canada. Keep in mind that both people here in the western world, and many in the middle east are at risk because of Saudi Arabia’s actions.

But where is the motion against that? Where is the condemnation of that? Why isn’t our government cancelling the weapons sales we are making to Saudi Arabia? And why did our government pathetically fly the Saudi flag on Parliament Hill when their delegation visited?

Those are all tough questions for the government, because they would have to actually live up to their rhetoric. Far easier for politicians to just put forth a divisive motion and pretend they are actually fixing something.

That’s why the real question is this: Instead of M-103, how about condemning Saudi Arabia?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter