Fear Mongering: Liberal MP Blames Conservatives For Mosque Shooting

The Liberals are trying to silence dissenting views in the most ruthless and cynical way possible

The Trudeau government has tried to cast Motion M-103 as a bill simply designed to condemn discrimination and bring Canadians together.

However, the Liberals recent actions show that their real goal is to divide our country and score political points off a terrible attack on innocent Canadians.

As first reported in the National Post, that goal was made totally clear when Liberal MP Chandra Arya blamed Conservatives, and members of the Parti Québécois for the Mosque shooting.

Here’s what Arya said:

“The recent killings of Muslims praying in the mosque in Quebec City is not an accident. This is the direct result of dog-whistle politics — the politics of fear and division.”

Arya then went on to blame “the elements who championed charter values, niqab ban, barbaric cultural practices tipline — all targeted at Canadian Muslims.”

Arya then said, “someday, something had to happen.”

This is despicable. It is fear-mongering at its very worst. And it should worry all Canadians who value free speech and free expression.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to silence dissent

Chandra Arya’s comments are part of what seems to be a clear plan by the Liberals to accuse all critics of hate and “Islamophobia.” The Liberals already used that word to attack those who were critical of Motion M-103.

This is designed to leave the official government line as the only “acceptable” speech, and sets up a situation where the full power of the government could be used against those who “step out of line.”

It’s especially cynical that the Liberals are using a terrible attack on innocent people to try to ram through their political agenda and score points against their political opponents.

This kind of fear mongering should have Canadians deeply concerned, as it shows the lengths the government is willing to go dominate the political discourse.

That is a dark and dangerous road for the government to travel.

Spencer Fernando