Irony: Elitist Trudeau Lectures Elitists In Germany

Justin Trudeau, a man born into tremendous wealth and privilege, spent some time at an elitist gathering in Germany lecturing other elitists.


Trudeau spoke to some of Germany’s top business and political leaders at The St. Matthew’s Banquet. It’s a 700 year old event held in Hamburg, and throughout its history it has featured some of the most prominent figures in the world.

That’s an odd place for Justin Trudeau to criticize elitism, considering he is there on the taxpayers dollar.

Another Trudeau lecture

As he often does, Trudeau took a lecturing tone with the audience, including on business practices, taxes, investment, and other issues.

Trudeau tried to seem as if he understand the growing anger of Canadians and people throughout the world at failing governments and a broken economy.

But as always, his “solutions” involve more power for politicians.

If Trudeau was really serious about helping struggling Canadians, he would immediately cancel the carbon tax. He would lower taxes, reduce the cost of government, and transfer power from Ottawa back to Canadians.

Instead, he is doing the exact opposite.

His agenda is about taking more of your money, and putting it in the hands of politicians, who he sees as so much “wiser” than everyone else.

Trudeau is stuck in that ideology, and it’s the same ideology that his fellow elitists hold. It’s why they are always blaming “anger” for the problems in our world, rather than understanding that they themselves are the problem.

Notice how those in power never propose any ideas that reduce their own control. They never put forward plans that weaken the over-powered government.

It’s always more government control, more laws, more regulations, and more money flowing to politicians.

The elites can use all the nice words and focus-grouped phrases they want, but nothing will change the fact that they are the problem. Until they realize that, or better yet, until the Canadian people make them realize that, there won’t be any “real change.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter