Saudi Arabia Deports 39,000 Pakistani Migrants Because Of Terrorism Fears

Where is the outrage?

As America gets condemned around the world for planning to temporarily stop immigration from 7 majority-Muslim nations, there seems to be very little discussion of recent mass deportations that have actually happened.

Saudi Arabia has deported 39,000 Pakistani Migrants due to fears of terrorism.

The deportations – first reported by the Saudi Gazette – have been massive in number. Since 2012, over 243,000 Pakistani’s have been kicked out of Saudi Arabia.

Where is the outrage?

Where is the condemnation?

Where are the protest marches?

Why is nobody accusing Saudi Arabia of a “Muslim Ban?”

It is quite amazing how certain countries get a free pass on their actions.

Numerous reports show Saudi Arabia treats migrant workers horribly. In January, many migrants were beaten and jailed as they protested over unpaid wages.

And yet, the world’s response? Silence.

Then, there is the fact that it’s seemingly ok for Saudi Arabia to be worried about terrorism, but western nations aren’t allowed to have the same concerns.

Pakistan – currently not on the list of nations on Donald Trump’s original travel ban – is apparently seen by Saudi Arabia as a terror threat.

That is said to be the reason for the expulsions. According to the Independent, there are currently 80 Pakistani’s in prison on terror/security offences in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia also recently arrested a Sudanese individual, a Syrian, and two Pakistani citizens for an alleged terror plot at a soccer game in the United Arab Emirates, adding to terror-related concerns.

Saudi Arabia – one of the biggest exporters of terrorism

It’s quite ironic to see Saudi Arabia worried about terrorism, since they are one of the biggest exporters of terrorist propaganda through Wahhabism schools around the world.

It’s just another example of the massive hypocrisy that lets Saudi Arabia get away with so much.

They spread hate around the world, and then somehow get credit from western countries for pretending to “fight terror.” Then, when they treat migrants horribly, the world turns the other way.

It’s a total double standard, and it needs to end.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter