Trump Calls Media “Enemy Of The American People”

Trump says CNN, New York Times, NBC News, CBS, and ABC are Fake News

After his combative press conference yesterday, Donald Trump has gone even further with his criticism of the media.

In two tweets – one since deleted, Trump ripped into the mainstream press.

This is the most recent tweet:

This was the deleted one:

Trump Media Fake News Tweet

These tweets are among Trump’s most aggressive attacks on the media, especially since becoming President.

While the media will be outraged by the tweet, many Americans have lost faith in the mainstream media outlets. A recent poll showed that the Trump Administration was rated as more trustworthy than the media. The idea of a President attacking the press on Twitter isn’t as controversial as it once was.

Both Trump and the media benefit from these clashes. Trump’s supporters like to see him take the media on, and public clashes result in higher ratings and more ad revenue for networks and newspapers.

If you want to watch an hour of Donald Trump sparring with the media, check out the video below.

Watch: Donald Trump’s Hour-Long Press Conference

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter