Canada Must Build Up Our Military

We live in a dangerous world.

Threats are rising around the globe, and instability seems pervasive.

Economies are stagnating, and many nations are looking outward in desperation for wealth and resources.

America is no longer willing to foot such a massive percentage of the bill for NATO’s defences.

Our arctic holds trillions in potential resource wealth, and other nations are keen to stake their claim.

For all these reasons, Canada must increase our military spending.

I’m not just talking about a token increase of a one or two billion. We need at least $20-$30 billion more per year for our military.

While that may seem like a lot, it’s less than our government has already increased spending since taking office. And considering the economic boom that would be generated through increased military production – provided we increased R&D and directed the spending to Canadian companies as much as possible – there would be thousands of jobs and increased national wealth created by building up our defences.

We could develop a Made-In-Canada defence industry, meaning that money we spend building up our military would be flowing back into our country, rather than to  multinational corporations.

For a long time, Canada has coasted off the fact that the Canada – United States border is the largest undefended border in the world, leaving us in perhaps the best geopolitical spot on Earth. We are next door to the world’s biggest economy and strongest military power. In the North west, Alaska serves as a buffer between us and Russia. In the North East, our only neighbour is Greenland.

It’s a positioning that can easily lull us into complacency.

But in a swiftly changing world – where cyber defences and drone warfare are changing the battlefield, Canada can no longer count on being safe.

The very fact that we are almost 100% dependent on the US for our protection is a serious danger, since we don’t control the decisions America makes.

It’s not just that our military is underfunded, it’s that it is simply not well-equipped enough to mount a defence of our country. We have roughly 60,000 ground troops to cover the second largest country on Earth. Our military capacity in the North is almost non-existent. We have virtually zero ability to counter Russian incursions into our airspace. Our navy is small, and the procurement process for new ships is a debacle.

In short, Canada is now paying the price for decades of neglecting our armed forces. The only bright spot are those who actually serve in the Canadian Military. They have proven themselves to be incredibly skilled and brave, getting the job done despite how little support they receive. And that’s where the deepest failure of our military underfunding comes in. Canada’s veterans are terribly neglected by the government, and little has been done to get them the help they need.

It’s disgraceful.

Canada’s leaders seem to live in a fantasy world where everything is safe and wonderful and Canada can just hope for the best.

That’s not reality.

In the real world, we have to prepare ourselves for threats and make sure our country is protected. Canada is a beautiful nation, full of amazing people and tremendous abundance. But history shows that all of that can be lost if we don’t protect what we hold dear.

It’s time for Canada’s leaders to wake up to the world as it really is, and take immediate steps to build up our military and keep our country safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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