The Elites Are Afraid Of Democracy

As citizens in countless nations begin to question the status quo and demand a government that actually serves the people, it’s clear that the elites are terrified of the power of democracy.

In one example of that fear, Justin Trudeau openly admitted he told the former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi that referendums “are bad things to happen.”

That’s not the attitude of someone who trusts the people they lead.

So why are the elites afraid of the people?

It’s simple: They have an agenda, but they know most of us won’t go along with it willingly. So, they have to do it behind the scenes, slowly shifting the system further away from our power and concentrating all control in their hands.

But a referendum scares those in power because it means an open, and messy discussion of the issues. In a democracy, some messiness is good, because it means ideas are being debated and adjusted and have to compete with other opinions. But referendums are unpredictable, and there’s nothing the elites fear more than unpredictability.

They want to force us all into one-size-fits-all system where we are nothing cogs in the machine.

If they elites fear something, we need more of it

Considering the total failure of those in power – as seen in the decline of the middle class, the long-term stagnation of our economy, and the big increase in risk and conflict – we should have zero faith in their instincts and ideas.

If they are against more democracy, we should want more democracy. If they want less free speech, we should want more free speech. And if they want higher taxes and more concentration of power, we should want lower taxes and more decentralization.

The elites have failed, and it’s time for the people to take our power back and control our own destinies.

Spencer Fernando

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