Kathleen Wynne’s Approval Rating Drops Again

Looks like destroying the economic hopes of your people isn’t the best way to win them over

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne continues to lose the trust of Ontarians.

Already one of the least popular Premiers in Canada, Wynne’s approval rating has fallen to near rock-bottom.

The numbers were released in a Mainstreet Research Poll, and they very are bad for the Ontario government. Only 18% approve of Wynne, while almost 66% disapprove.

If those numbers don’t change, a Liberal win in Ontario is almost impossible.

The Liberals have seen their popularity plummet as energy prices skyrocket. Rather than try to lower prices to make life more affordable, the Ontario government pursued a foolish utopian scheme that has caused massive increases in hydro bills, pushing countless Ontarians into poverty.

The government even had to admit that they made a “mistake,” and have said they will lower the prices. However, according to the poll, 55% of Ontarians say the government has not made any effort to lower energy bills.

Ontario’s government is the perfect example of what happens when those in power see the people they serve as part of a big experiment, rather than try to actually help them.

From the beginning, the Ontario government should have been focused relentlessly on lowering energy bills and putting more money in people’s pockets. Instead, they increased taxes, government spending went through the roof, and energy prices grew massively. Only with an election on the horizon is Wynne worried about lowering costs.

People can see right through her sudden concern.

Like so many politicians before, Kathleen Wynne became too comfortable surrounded by the political and bureaucratic elite. She lost touch with the people of Ontario, until they appeared to her as nothing more than numbers on a spreadsheet. She forgot that huge energy bills would destroy real people, and devastate the economic hopes of real families. Now, the damage has been done.

That’s why the Wynne government has to go.

They have failed economically, and they have failed in understanding the basic job those in office are supposed to perform. Governing is an honour and with that honour comes the responsibility to put the people first and make their lives better.

Those that are unable to do that must be replaced.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter