No Thanks: Former Central Banker Says Canadians Need More Fees, Taxes, And Tolls

Another admission that government keeps grasping for our money

David Dodge – former Governor of the Bank of Canada – says Canadians need to pay more in fees, taxes, and tolls to fund infrastructure.

Speaking to CBC Radio, Dodge said “We’re going to have to pay for it either in tolls or we’re going to have to pay for it in water rates or we’re going to have to pay for it in additional property taxes — in some way or another.”

Dodge’s comments only show how out of touch the political class has become. The lack of creative thinking and new ideas is astounding.

Canadians are already taxed to the max. The idea that we can only afford infrastructure if we pay even more makes no sense.

What are we getting for what we already pay? Where is all that money going?

We have all seen instances of massive government waste, and we know that billions of our dollars are basically lit on fire by free-spending politicians.

Also, Dodge must not have seen reports that the Trudeau government is failing to invest current tax dollars into infrastructure. Much of the money was taxed, but then didn’t actually go to infrastructure.

If the government can’t manage the money they already take from us, why should we give them more?

Dodge’s comments are concerning, because statements like that don’t just come out of nowhere. Dodge is urging the Liberals to “make the case to Canadians,” for higher taxes/fees/tolls. That means we can expect the government to start pushing the propaganda big time, saying that we all have to “sacrifice,” if we want better roads and bridges.

Of course, that sacrifice never hits the politicians, it always falls on the taxpayers. Everything gets more expensive, more of our money is taken, and the problems still don’t get solved.

This is because the government never looks at their own operations, and never looks at how they can save money and cut their spending. They always look outward, blaming everyone except themselves, trying to take from everybody while producing nothing.

That’s why it’s essential to fight against every effort by the government to take more of our money. They never stop trying, and the very moment one tax is accepted, another will soon follow, then another and another.

The carbon tax isn’t enough for their endless appetites, so just as they ram that through they’re going to ask for even more.

That is not acceptable.

The line must be drawn, and it must be drawn here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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