California Infrastructure Collapse

California’s infrastructure is being exposed as dangerously underfunded.

After  years of drought, the recent intensive rainfall has caused sinkholes and road collapses in various parts of the state.

It’s a sign that decades of neglecting infrastructure spending is taking its toll.

Infrastructure is like a referee. You don’t notice anything until it goes bad.

And when it goes bad, it’s very noticeable.

Watch: Los Angeles Sinkhole claims two vehicles

It’s not just a California problem.

Despite seemingly endless tax increases and record levels of spending, infrastructure has been chronically neglected in much of North America. Politicians have funneled tax dollars into their utopian schemes and programs to just hire more government workers. As a result, the lifeblood of our economy – good, secure infrastructure – has fallen into decline.

Hopefully California’s infrastructure collapse will be a wake-up call to the politicians that government must refocus on the basics, and fix roads and bridges.

With that in mind, there should also be a bipartisan push to invest in infrastructure. Both President Trump and the Democrats have called for massive infrastructure investment, and if there was ever a time for the parties to come together, fixing infrastructure would be it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter