Despite Genocide, Trudeau Government Has Resettled ZERO Yazidi Survivors

All Canadian political parties agreed that the ISIS slaughter of Yazidi’s was a genocide.

It was a unanimous vote.

Despite that – and despite all the photo-ops Trudeau has gotten with refugees from Syria – the Trudeau government has resettled zero Yazidi genocide survivors.

That’s a disgrace.

The Trudeau government has had 4 months to resettle Yazidi’s, and they haven’t even brought in one person.

Why is that?

We know this government likes chasing headlines. They like to get a few good photos, post them to social media, and then pretend the problem is solved.

The Syrian refugee crisis is still in the news, while coverage of the Yazidi genocide has dwindled dramatically.

Perhaps the Trudeau government isn’t interested anymore now that the media has mostly moved on to other topics?

The Yazidi’s are in a terrible spot. Many survivors of the ISIS led genocide are women, a large number of whom have been subjected to horrific sexual violence, and yet Trudeau and the government have so far done absolutely nothing.

All talk, no action

Acknowledging a genocide is not a token act. It means something. For the government to have moved so slowly to help the Yazidi’s, while bringing in tens of thousands of other refugees is quite disturbing.

We can’t base our refugee policy on chasing headlines or social media attention. The Yazidi’s are a 6,000 year-old religious minority in the Middle East, which puts them at grave danger. Their entire culture and way of life could be destroyed.

It’s time for the government to stop chasing photo-ops and start turning their words into actions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter