Khalid, Cotler Clash On Islamophobia

Disputed Discussion

Former Liberal Cabinet Minister Irwin Cotler and Liberal MP and sponsor of M-103 Iqra Khalid, are clashing over what exactly happened in their conversation about the controversial motion.

Khalid said to an interviewer that Cotler told her removing “Islamophobia” from M-103 would “water down” the motion.

However, Cotler refuted Khalid’s account.

Cotler says he told her he supports her motion “in principle,” and that he would propose amending the wording to make it more widely acceptable.

I am inclined to believe Cotler on this one, since he has already publicly stated he thinks “Islamophobia” should be removed from the motion.

Cotler has proposed saying “anti-Muslim bigotry” instead.

Cotler’s proposed wording would certainly be less divisive. Many Canadians worry M-103 could be used in the future as the launching ground for efforts to ban criticism of Islam and erode freedom of speech.

The fact that a sitting Liberal MP is apparently twisting the words of one of Irwin Cotler – one of Canada’s most respected Parliamentarians, is a clear sign that the Trudeau government is more interested in dividing Canadians than actually getting anything done.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I m. Starting to feel we live under dictatorship??

Peter Calinesco

It seems that the Liberal party are trying the best to alienate all other Canadians. If it is with purpose, or stupidity is unknown to me!