Trudeau Shamefully Silent On MP Who Blamed Conservatives For Mosque Shooting

For somebody who has tried to craft an image of a “unifier,” Justin Trudeau has proven to be a very divisive Prime Minister.

His approval ratings are falling as more and more Canadians see through his lies.

Even worse than the dishonesty however, is the fact that Trudeau seems willing to use a tragedy to score political points and divide Canadians even further.

When Chandra Arya shamefully fear-mongered and tried to blame Conservatives for the horrible Quebec City mosque shooting, Trudeau’s silence was shameful.

Blaming a political opponent for a shooting rampage is about as low as anyone can go in politics, and Trudeau’s refusal to condemn it shows that he condones of it, and probably even supports that kind of rhetoric.

It’s a further sign that when Trudeau looks at people with different viewpoints he sees enemies, not fellow Canadians who differ from him. Secure in his majority government, he doesn’t even pretend to listen to other perspectives.

That is a very dangerous attitude for a leader to have, and it explains why Trudeau often seems more loyal to foreign ideologies and foreign countries than he does to the nation he is honoured to lead.

He clearly doesn’t care about Canadians who disagree with him.

To show real leadership, Trudeau should have immediately condemned Chandra Arya, and demanded an apology from him.

He should have said blaming other parties terrible crimes is way over the line.

Instead, Trudeau was silent, allowing that terrible accusation to remain in the air.

Trudeau’s shameful silence is yet another example of his unwillingness to truly serve the Canadian people, and is another reason he has to be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

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