Canada’s Borders Must Have Meaning

A nation’s borders are important. Incredibly important. They signify the physical beginning and end of our country, within which a set of values, laws, and history prevails.

That’s why governments must ensure our borders have meaning.

At this very moment, many people from the United States are illegally crossing the Canadian border. Many are likely getting in without any contact with border guards or police. Others are being apprehended, and are then taken to make refugee claims.

What we are seeing is a border that is way too vulnerable.

Yes, Canada and the US share the world’s largest undefended border. But undefended does not mean un-policed. There is a big difference between the two.

We don’t have military units on the border, and there is no reason for us to do that. But we do clearly need more border guards and more technology to make sure we know who is crossing into our country.

We can’t simply let an endless flood of people come into the country, especially not without going through the proper channels.

It is unfair to all of those who wait in line and follow the rules to file refugee claims or immigrate to Canada, to let some people just skip ahead and be rewarded for it. Particularly when they’re “fleeing” a country that is free and democratic.

We know that the more people who enter illegally, the more burden there will be on shelter services (many that serve our own homeless citizens), and the more settlement programs will be overwhelmed.

Canada is, and should be a welcoming country. However, that welcome should be on our terms, not anyone else’s.

We must take steps to make sure our country is secure, and ensure that our borders have meaning.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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