Le Pen Rises In Polls

Marine Le Pen – the leader of the populist National Front Party and a challenger to the status quo in France and the European Union – has risen in the polls in both the first and second round of the French Presidential Election.

According to the OpinionWay Poll, Le Pen has risen from 26% to 27% in the first round, ahead of her two potential opponents who trail at 20% each.

In the second round, Le Pen trails independent candidate Emmanuel Macron, but has cut his lead in half in just two weeks. She now trails Macron by 16 percentage points.

In many ways, Le Pen is running against the European Union. She wants France to regain control of their borders, have their own currency, and no longer be bound by the European Central Bank.

Le Pen has said the new political fight is not between left and right, but between “Patriots and Globalists.”

France Terrorism - France No-Go Zones

Le Pen has also campaigned heavily against “Islamic Fundamentalism,” a stance winning increased support as France has been victimized by a string of terror attacks. Over 200 French citizens died in terrorist attacks last year perpetrated by radical Islamists.

France has also experienced a long period of economic stagnation, and a vast majority of French citizens now see globalization as a negative force in their lives.

Le Pen has transformed the National Front from an extremely controversial movement, into a political party capable of competing for power. If her poll results continue to improve, it’s possible she will mirror the shocking Trump and Brexit victories and up as the President of France.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter