POLL: 25% of Canadians Want Travel Ban Similar To What Trump Proposed

A new Angus Reid poll shows 25% of Canadians want a travel ban similar to the one brought in by the Trump Administration.

The Trump administration banned travel from seven Muslim-majority countries that had previously been identified as risks by the Obama administration. The ban was later struck down in the courts, though a revised ban is likely to be signed this week.

The results come in a survey conducted to gauge Canadians views on refugees.

According to the survey, 47% of Canadians think Canada is taking in the right number of refugees. 41% say Canada is taking in too many refugees.

Only 11% say Canada should take in more.

The current government target is 40,000 this year – though none so far have been Yazidi refugees facing genocide by ISIS.

The director of Angus Reid says “Certainly in terms of that ‘too many, too few’ debate, a lot more people think it’s too many than too few.”

A majority of respondents also say refugees do not make of an effort to integrate into society. 54% hold that view, while 46% disagree.

Currently, many individuals are leaving the United States and crossing the Canadian border. The Emerson, Manitoba border crossing has dealt with a massive influx, and refugee settlement services are being overwhelmed.

The Canadian government has so far taken no steps to increase security at the border.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter