Riots In Sweden

Riots in Sweden have been ongoing issue

Sweden is experiencing more rioting, a problem that has been ongoing for some time off and on. In previous incidents, the problem has become so serious that both the United States and United Kingdom had warned their citizens to avoid certain riot prone areas.

Here are links to Swedish newspapers covering the riots:

Violent Riots In Rinkeby

– These pages can be translated with google chrome

In the latest incidents, reports are that 30 people participated, and the road to the fire department was blocked.

In previous incidents, rioting had spread beyond the capital Stockholm into city suburbs and has now reached other cities including Orebro, where 25 people wearing masks set a school and three cars on fire.

The riots are said to be concentrated in areas where many immigrants reside. Sweden has struggled in recent years with growing inequality, and difficulties integrating newcomers.

Attention on Sweden after Trump speech

International attention is now focused on Sweden after Donald Trump mentioned Sweden in a speech. Trump had referred to “what happened last night in Sweden.”

While there has been no recent terrorist attack in Sweden, the country has been seeing increased violence, crime, and instability. They can’t be too happy the world is taking a closer look at this particular moment.

WATCH: Past report on Sweden Asylum Crisis and “No-Go” Zones

Spencer Fernando

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