Socialism Fail: Average Venezuelan Has Lost 19 Pounds Because Of Food Shortages

True Socialism Never Works

Venezuela is a very socialist country. I’m not talking about a mixed economy – where there are some public services existing in generally free market.

No, Venezuela takes their socialism seriously. They’ve put their government in charge of almost everything. The government tells business the exact amount they can charge. The government seizes businesses at will. And the government uses threats and violence to impose their economic agenda.

And now, there’s another story to add to the book of socialism’s failures:

Because of endemic food shortages, the average Venezuelan has lost 19 pounds in the past year.

The study was conducted by Encovi, and shows some truly horrible conditions for the people of Venezuela:

  • 82% of all households live in poverty.
  • Inflation rates have reached triple digits.
  • Their currency has been devalued 80% in the past year.
  • 32.5% of families eat only once or twice a day.
  • 65% say their kids have stayed home some days because they were too hungry to go.
  • And worst of all, 93.3% of Venezuelans say their income can’t cover their food needs.

What a wonderful socialist utopia!

In some cases, Venezuelans have had to butcher horses and even flamingo’s to stave off starvation.

Venezuela has also had massive toilet paper shortages, and is running out of even common medicines.

It is a total disaster, brought about by a broken and stupid socialist ideology.

To get a sense of how horrendously pathetic the Venezuelan government is, keep in mind that Venezuela has the largest oil reserves on earth.

Let that sink in.

That’s what pure socialism gets you. When a bunch of idiot politicians try to centrally manage an economy made up of millions of simultaneous decision – disaster is sure to follow.

Venezuela is a warning to the world that the path of increased government power is the path to ruin.

Economic freedom, and trusting people to make their own choices with their money is the only long-term path to prosperity and opportunity.

Check out the full Encovi study on Venezuela Living Conditions

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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