United Arab Emirates: Money For Mars, Nothing For Syrian Refugees

Stunning hypocrisy in the Middle East

One of the strangest things happening in the world today is watching as Western nations are expected to take in massive amounts of refugees from the Middle East, while many Middle East countries take in no refugees at all.

Saudi Arabia – a country sitting on massive oil wealth – has not taken in any refugees.

And the United Arab Emirates – home to the most futuristic city on earth (Dubai) – has also failed to take anyone in.

Dubai - Money - No Refugees
Dubai has money for this, but can’t take a single refugee?

The hypocrisy gets even worse:

While ignoring the refugee crisis, the United Arab Emirates is planning to build a city on Mars.

Mars 2117 is certainly an interesting idea, and pushing the boundaries of space and human achievement is an admirable goal.

However, it’s shocking that the UAE has the time to focus on Mars while there is a total disaster going on in their own neighbourhood.

It’s even more shocking that the west has done almost nothing to call out the Gulf States. We’ve asked nothing of the countries right there in the Middle East, while we have taken on the task of rescuing refugees.

The Gulf States are incredibly rich, and they could easily build massive refugee camps.

In fact, Saudi Arabia has already built one.

There’s just one problem.

It’s totally empty.

As a result of Saudi Arabia’s hypocrisy, this photo and statement has been spreading rapidly online.

Saudi Arabia Empty Tent City Refugees

Both Saudi Arabia and the UAE could be doing a tremendous amount to help Syrian refugees. Instead, they have chosen to do nothing.

It’s time for all western nations to hold the Gulf States accountable. Right now, our leaders are getting played like chumps by much of the Middle East and they need to smarten up right away.

If the Gulf States have money to build gleaming futuristic cities and go to Mars, they have the money to help refugees right next door.

Spencer Fernando

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