Will Mulcair Stay As NDP Leader?

There is a growing movement to have NDP Leader Tom Mulcair run for the leadership again, despite his previous loss in a leadership review vote.

The “Draft Mulcair” movement has attracted thousands of supporters on Facebook.

The near total absence of interest in the NDP leadership race has also caused some to regret the move to get rid of Mulcair.

Mulcair has said he won’t be returning to fight again for his job, but it’s possible he could change his mind if the momentum grows.

Mulcair more popular than Trudeau

According to a Campaign Research Poll, Mulcair’s approval rating is 41%, 2 points above Trudeau who is at 39%.

The movement to have Mulcair return speaks to the growing anger towards Trudeau on the left. Remember, Trudeau campaigned by ripping off many past NDP ideas, and has then proceeded to break his word on almost every promise since getting elected.

Mulcair ran a more honest campaign than Trudeau, and correctly noted that Trudeau’s deficits would end up way bigger than promised.

After the NDP’s loss, there seemed to be a feeling that they needed a more “Trudeau-like” leader to match the charisma of the Liberal leader. But with Trudeau’s popularity dropping and Canadians tiring of his photo-ops and deception, a leader very different from Trudeau may have a better chance.

That could make Mulcair a more viable candidate.

Time will tell whether Mulcair fights for a rematch.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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