Investigation Launched Into Sweden Riots

Swedish authorities are investigating after riots in a suburb of Stockholm.

The riots reportedly broke out after a man was arrested on drug charges.

Rioters – many wearing masks – threw rocks at police officers and set vehicles on fire. Shops were also looted.

In addition to warning shots fired into the air, one of the officers fired a shot at the rioters, though nobody was hit.

A shooting by a police officer is a rare occurrence in Sweden.

Said a Swedish police officer, “This kind of situation doesn’t happen that often but it is always regrettable when it happens.”

2017 Sweden Riots come as country faces increased attention

Sweden has come under increased international attention after US President Donald Trump mentioned the country in a speech. Trump refereed to “what happened last night in Sweden,” which many took as referring to a terrorist attack. However, Trump said he was referring to a segment on Fox News, describing challenges faced by Sweden integrating newcomers.

While Sweden and much of the media pushed back against Trump’s comments, the riots have drawn renewed attention to issues facing the nation. It is clear that Trump’s comments – whether initially accurate or not – have drawn far more attention to Sweden than would otherwise be the case – a tactic often used by Trump to get the media to cover the topic he wants discussed.

Watch: Fox News segment on Trump & Sweden Rallies

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter