Trudeau Liberals Vote Against Fighting Religious Discrimination

See how easy it is to play this game?

The Liberals M-103 is designed to score political points, and potentially lay the groundwork for chipping away at freedom of speech.

The Liberals have already shown how they plan to do that, by accusing those who oppose M-103 of being “Islamophobic.”

Trudeau himself has even been shamefully silent about government MP Chandra Arya blaming Conservatives for the horrible Quebec City Mosque shooting.

The Trudeau Liberals are playing a common political game. You introduce a motion that says something that seems politically correct and “nice” on the surface. Then, you attack anyone who votes against it as being against whatever “nice” thing you mentioned in the motion.

Well, two can play at that game.

Why do the Liberals refuse to fight discrimination against Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, and others?

Using the same logic the Liberals are using to attack M-103 opponents, it’s a fair question.

After all, just today the Liberals voted against a motion from MP David Anderson. The motion was to create a parliamentary committee to reduce/eliminate “all types of discrimination in Canada,” including “discrimination of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and other religious communities.”

That’s a perfectly nice sentiment. All Conservatives, all NDP, all Bloc, and Green members voted for the motion.

Only the Liberals opposed it.

That raises the following question:

Why did the Liberals ignore the parties that represent 61% of the Canadian people and refuse to fight against religious discrimination?

Trudeau needs to answer that question. Canadians deserve to know.

Or does he think that only he can play political games?

If M-1o3 opponents are attacked for their opinion, the Liberals should be held accountable for opposing David Anderson’s motion. They Liberals stood and voted against an effort to fight all kinds of religious discrimination. Isn’t that much worse than opposing M-103?

Trudeau has much to answer for.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter