BETRAYAL: Canadian Navy Shipbuilding Jobs Going To Foreign Workers

Total disrespect to Canadian Workers

In a total slap in the face to Canadian workers, many jobs building ships for the Canadian Navy at the Irving Shipyards in Halifax are going to foreign workers.

First reported by The Chronicle Herald, Irving Shipbuilders subcontracted part of the job for new arctic patrol ships to the Spanish company Gabadi LC.

As a result, instead of local Canadian workers getting the jobs, Gabadi brought in Spanish carpenters instead.

As Steve Conrad – a union member with 33 years of mechanic experience at the shipyard – said to the Herald, “The grievance was that we had enough skilled members in our own union (to do the work) that Gabadi was going to do. That was our first concern. And if we didn’t have enough people, surely Nova Scotia could supply carpenters to do the work that Gabadi got.”

Conrad is 100% correct.

This treatment of Canadian workers is a total disgrace.

We have a Canadian shipyard, owned by a Canadian company, building ships for the Canadian Navy, and somehow a Spanish company is involved? And foreign workers are being flown in to the jobs instead of Canadians?

It’s bad enough that our government horribly underfunds the navy, thus depriving countless Canadians of economic opportunities. But when those opportunities do come, how can our government justify not making sure those jobs go to Canadian workers?

Make no mistake, the government has massive leverage in this situation. Irving Shipyards needs big government contracts. A few well-placed hints about future contracts being cut would easily “encourage” them to make sure that Canadians are doing all the jobs on the shipyards.

There is no excuse for bringing in foreign workers for a shipbuilding job here in Canada. Those jobs should be going to the workers in Halifax.

Canada’s government must act immediately to ensure respect and loyalty is shown to Canadian Workers.

Spencer Fernando

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