Climate Schemes Costing Alberta Taxpayers $1 Billion

As always, politicians’ utopian schemes hit workers and families right in the wallet

The cost of the climate policies of Alberta’s government have now reached over $1 billion per year, adding to the $10.8 billion deficit and guaranteeing future costs in debt payments that will be paid by the taxpayers.

Alberta’s spending is up $2.6 billion from original projections, with half of that increase attributed to the decision to destroy the coal industry by “phasing out” coal-fired electricity.

Beyond the massive $1 billion price tag, there is an un-recorded cost. All the jobs lost, all the economic activity that won’t occur because of the government’s decision to get rid of coal power will spread out throughout the economy, lowering growth overall.

This is what happens when politicians in comfortable government offices come up with utopian schemes to “save the world.” Rarely does anything actually improve, and meanwhile there is a massive cost imposed on people already struggling to make ends meet. The politicians are unaffected, while real people lose jobs, lose their livelihoods, and often lose their financial freedom.

After all, coal power produces only a fraction of emissions in Alberta, so it is clear the Alberta government is blinded by an ideological agenda, and won’t let facts stand in their way, no matter how many workers are hurt in the process.

It’s time the government stops chasing the approval of global elitists (who love toasting their “world saving” climate policies at expensive dinners), and get back to basics. Fix the roads, keep costs low, make sure the healthcare system works, and keep people safe.

That’s what we elect the government for, not to impose their expensive ideological games upon us. The climate schemes need to be cancelled, taxes need to be cut, and taxpayers need to be given more control over their own money.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Spencer, I am not sure where you get your facts from but coal is responsible for 17% of AB GHG emissions. That is not insignificant considering AB has the highest GHG footprint of any province in Canada. In order to keep costs low and people healthy we absolutely need to deal with important issues such as climate change and air pollution. Coal is not a sustainable option and posses a number of health and environmental risks.