Sell Out: Trudeau Lets Secretive Chinese Corporation Buy BC’s Biggest Assisted-Living Provider

Murky corporation has ties to China’s government elite

In another example of Justin Trudeau’s willingness to sell Canada out to China, his government has approved the sale of British Columbia’s biggest assisted-living provider to Anbang Insurance – a massive corporation from China linked to the Communist Party political elite.

Anbang purchased Retirement Concepts, which was a Canadian family-owned business.

MP Don Davies said Trudeau’s decision was a “foreign takeover of vital health-care and seniors facilities.”

That’s correct, and judging by Trudeau’s actions, it won’t be the last time he puts other countries interests ahead of our own.

Disturbingly, as pointed out by Steven Chase in the Globe & Mail, Anbang Insurance didn’t even need to give any guarantees of creating more elder care jobs, despite the rapid growth of the sector.

Even stranger, is the fact that Anbang’s ownership structure is very secretive, so much so that when Official Opposition Leader Rona Ambrose asked Trudeau in Question Period if he could say who owned Anbang Insurance, he completely ignored the question.

The ownership structure is so hidden that American bank Morgan Stanley decided against acting as an advisor to the firm.

There are concerns that Anbang is deeply connected with China’s government, with the majority of Anbang being owned by people with connections to China’s Communist elite, including the granddaughter of Deng Xiaoping – China’s former paramount leader.

Think about this situation for a moment: Trudeau is willing to let a foreign corporation take over a huge part of our healthcare system, when he doesn’t even know who owns it.

Cash-for-access Corruption?

There are growing fears that Justin Trudeau was lobbied at elitist cash-for-access fundraisers – where foreign billionaires got privileged access to Trudeau by buying their way in. In fact, at one of the cash-for-access events in November 2016, the host specifically asked Trudeau to give China more access to the Canadian seniors care market.

Lo and behold, just about three months later Trudeau lets a Chinese company buy up a huge provider of seniors care.

This is very concerning, as it feeds into Trudeau’s overall attitude of moral blindness and naivety towards China. Trudeau seems fine letting the authoritarian Chinese government get more and more influence in Canada, opening our economy up to be taken out from under us.

Remember, Trudeau’s earlier made the decision to open up Canada’s ITF Technologies – a company that had done business with CSIS and the Department of National Defense – to a Chinese takeover. Despite warnings from Canadians with tremendous experience in the security sector, Trudeau let the sale be opened up anyway, potentially exposing Canadian hacking defences and military secrets to China’s government.

Think about it: If Trudeau is willing to let China’s government have access to Canada’s national secrets, what won’t he sell to them?

Who does Trudeau serve?

Trudeau’s willingness to act against the interests of Canadians, and in the interests of China – while refusing to answer questions about those decisions – is a one of the most disturbing aspects of his government.

Trudeau was elected to serve Canada, not China or any other country. Canadians deserve answers on why Trudeau seems ignorant of his duty.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Christopher Robin

Justin is so selfish, narrow minded clown. Ruining this country! Go back to being a Drama teacher and leave the job of prime minister to smart people.


Leave it to smart people?? Hell, even leaving it to stupid people would be an improvement over the self entitled elitist we have now. If the Liberals hope to survive the next election they would be advised to get rid of the liar in the PMO. Trudeau is deliberately damaging Canada.


Too late mate….


You do realize that Retirement Concepts was a private company. What law or regulation was violated by allowing this free market sale? Is there any evidence to support any conspiracy that this sale will endanger the care of seniors who choose to live in these facilities? Are the facilities not regulated by either Federal or Provincial guidelines?


Federal Law requires that foreign transactions of this sort undergo serious investigation to ensure that it is “for the good of Canada and Canadians” when the value exceeds $1 billion. The wording in the Anbang and Trudeau press releases stated that Canadians should not be concerned because “there would be no changes in management or staff”. Notice that there was deliberately no mention of residents. We hear in Parliament that some seniors have already been evicted. It takes no stretch to imagine that as Canadian residents of these Seniors homes pass away they will be replaced by old Chinese migrants,… Read more »


Trudeau was warned this was not in our best interest. Then what he was warned about, happened.
That to me sounds like a spoiled child doing what they want, not listening to the people that are doing their job.
He has never been emotional stable or mature enough to hold the position.

Jeff Cake

It sad especial when ww3 is about to start in chinas sea because of china provocation claiming all the china sea and constructing artificial islands on reefs arm to the teeth.
Sure battle ships ,Thadd missile defense system and subs arm with nukes are ready to take out chinas poddle north Korea.
If this happen in the next week i would not be surprised
Nothing surprises me from these politicians these days.


This is how I believe Canada will have the Chinese G5 network in this country. It show you right from the start that Trudeau can not make sound decisions for this country.